Wednesday, February 25, 2015

water means ...

Water has been primal element in the shaping of cultures, the first sustaining element for life on earth- be it plant, animal or human. From time immemorial, countless myths have evolved around water as the source of life. In the mythological and symbolic world, the regenerative tradition of water has been internalized. All religious traditions have treated water as sacred, with many messages of ecological imbalances embedded in them.

In China, water symbolizes Yin”阴, the female principle, which is the counterpart of Yang”阳, the male principle (representing fire and the South). In the old Chinese view of the cosmos, fire and water arose from the same source. The union of Yin and Yang gave birth to the five elements(water, gold, fire, wood and earth), which in turn brought about the "ten thousand things" in the world. Water belongs to ‘night’ and fire belongs to ‘day’. Many Chinese expressions about the intimate relations between man and woman involve the Chinese symbol for water.

In Feminism perspective, the character of water is soft, yielding and pliant, as a (traditional) Chinese woman should be. "Weak overcomes strong, soft overcomes hard" so said Laozi in the Taoist text, Dao De Jing. According to Laozi (also spelled Laotze), water's character is the best example of proper behavior. This behavior allows the "weak" to overcome the "strong" (and hence a woman to overcome a man). People put the words weak and strong in inverted commas because these two opposite states depend on the relative perception of others.

From Chinese opinion, in business and in people’s daily life "soft, pliant and yielding" like water is a wise way to prevent and solve many interpersonal problems. From some people’s view, it is another kind of ‘strong’ in social society.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

2015 First Critic

This is the first critic in 2015.
First of all, Chinese New Year is coming. I wish you all happy and lucky!
Form now, I have seven pieces in my collection. This semester I will create two more costumes. in order to show people I can do both commercial design and dramatic design. They all come from the same initial context, “water”.

And my collection will pull out several questions:  Will they buy some dress they will never dress up? Can art and fashion combine together? Which style they will admire the most, fashion design or Avanle Garde Design? How to show them in the exhibition?

I have got some ideas and inspiration :

I want to make an atmosphere to rendering my design. I really love work with paper, this time I will use some neoprene and make them like water waves on the wall.

And I'd love you guys to give me some other suggestions .like how to deal with the materials? What color need I add in my design? How can I distinguish two different style in the show? Need I created two space for those two sections?...... 

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

About My Work (In the end of this semester)

This work is about power, as a fashion, make-up designer I use my skill to give energy to those women. Inspirited by the culture that water represents women, combine west and east together. A modern look collection created by me shows fashion and life attitude.

My work is not tenebrousnegativeunrealistic, brilliant, colorful, involute sophisticated multiple perplexingsinisterFairy wonderland vivid simple, hard, acuitysharp.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Review of Cylinders: Jovanni Luna

Jovanni Luna, as a print artist studied in Columbus College of Art and Design. 
Having participated in many critiques of Jovanni's, I got the great opportunity to peep her studio and the process of her making arts.
image1.JPGIn jovanni's blog he claim the statement that:"My work centers on the idea that the mind is a complex machine.  Like the mind my paintings collects the memory of materials.  The use of unwanted paint also brings up actual memories and thoughts of the paints origin that becomes part of the buildup.  Due to the unusual color palette the work develops into a statement of the hidden memories that has been layered through the process.  By carving out these layers I am deciding what to acknowledge, what memories to unveil."
Though his work I really saw different lagers build together and created a new work. Like different memory built different person. I got the idea that he use different ways to present his works. image2.JPG
"Consciously determining the lay out of a piece, and then integrating repetitive marks, gives it the simplistic look from afar and complex design from up close that my strive for in every piece.  In the end my goal is not about categorizing the final product as drawing, painting, or sculpture, but rather about experiencing the process, and the memories that will be uncovered." From jovanni's statement.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

‘HOOK' of my design


This time, combine with my culture background I chose water waves and some shapes in the architecture to be my main design idea. Chinese people always admire water in some way. Water has three types, Solid liquid and gas. Those natures show a quality that water is changeable and easy to satisfied with the environment. Chinese believed that human have the same quality as water. And I also get this feeling since I am living at a foreign country, surround by a different atmosphere. Those make me have different emotion and behave to comfort.

Building is the symbol of the city. Each city has different style. People shape cloth, and make cloth suits the environment. And cloth shape people, they give people a way to present themselves in social status. And back to affect the image of the city. 

My collection is for pretty girl who live in the big city, and have high taste. They might work for magazine company, design studio or Fashion Company. They are looking for independent designer to make some garments they cannot buy in normal way. They like interesting materials, they really know fashion trend and they want to wear those garments to attend a club, a party or have a date.